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A Senior Officer Insults Minister Zoubi

After receiving the insult, Zoubi tried to submit his resignation
A Senior Officer Insults Minister Zoubi

A source in the Ministry of Information has confirmed to All4Syria that a senior officer insulted the Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi using filthy language.


The source said that Zoubi attended the hospital for a heart attack because "he couldn’t bear the humiliation in front of some of security members".


The source added that after spending two days in the hospital under medical observation, Zoubi submitted his resignation.


The source explained that immediately after Zoubi sent the letter of resignation to the prime minister, he received directions and threats from the presidential palace to withdraw the resignation and not to publish what he had suffered.


The letter of the palace said: "We employed you and we can fire you, forget the insult and don’t be silly."


In the same context, the pro- Hezbollah Lebanese newspaper, Al-Akhbar, recently published an article entitled: "Syria: the regressive management for state's media and the suppression against the useful one."


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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