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500 Million Pounds Paid in Compensation in Damascus

The number of applications reached is more than 40,000
500 Million Pounds Paid in Compensation in Damascus

The director of financial affairs in the province of Damascus, Nasouh Al-Nabulsi, confirmed on Thursday that compensation paid during the first half of 2014 amounted to 500 million Syrian Pounds, and that the number of applications reached is more than 40,000.


Nabulsi told al-Watan that 30 applications were made for damages exceeding half a million pounds. Another 95 applications were made by military servicemen to the Ministry of Local Administration, while the number of beneficiaries of compensation for cars was about 700 applications. Nabulsi pointed out to many papers must be provided to obtain compensation.


Regarding the reactivation of the Hosh Blas zone, and whether its residents have been compensated, Nabulsi explained that the office is still considering the damages to industrial facilities in the area, and that money will be distributed to many of the industrialists who wish to rehabilitate their facilities.


A special committee has been formed to check the safe industrial areas and pay compensation to industrialists. Compensation for industrialists will be made according to the level of damage;  30% of the value for the facilities with limited damage that does not exceed 5 million SP will be paid, while 5% of the value will be paid for the facilities that are heavily damaged at over 100 million of value, which means less than 10 million SP will be paid.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer 


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