Anti-Regime Demonstrations Continue in Suweida, Rejection of Sectarianism

Demonstrators congregated in al-Karama Square in Suweida, vocalizing their demands for the enforcement of international resolutions concerning Syria, according to Syria TV.

On Tuesday, the residents of Suweida city united in a massive demonstration, advocating for the removal of the Syrian regime and the adoption of a political solution. This marked over 20 weeks of continuous protest activities. The participants passionately called for the ousting of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, echoing the rallying cry: “No flags or banners until the regime falls. One, one, the Syrian people are one.” These chants were a direct response to attempts to inject sectarianism into the protests.

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The demonstrators congregated in al-Karama Square at the heart of Suweida, vocalizing their demands for the enforcement of international resolutions concerning Syria, with a particular emphasis on Resolution 2254. This resolution advocates for a political transition in Syria and the removal of President Assad.

No flags or banners until the regime falls 

The protestors deliberately refrained from displaying any flags during their assembly in the square, echoing the rallying cry “No flags or banners until the regime falls.” This action affirmed their collective voice as representative of all Syrians.

In the recent Friday demonstrations at al-Karama Square, supporters of the Syrian Brigade party attempted to raise the “monotheism” flag, symbolizing the Druze community. However, the demonstrators thwarted their efforts, preventing them from entering the square. Undeterred, the party’s followers raised the flag on the finance building opposite the square, aiming to incite the protestors and introduce a sectarian dimension to the movement. In response, the majority of demonstrators emphasized Syria’s unity, rejecting any separatist endeavours.

Many participants in the Suweida movement, surveyed by the Syria TV website, harbour suspicions about the Brigade party, citing external funding and unclear objectives. There is concern that the party’s goals may entail division, distancing Suweida from its historical commitment to the unity of Syria and its people.

The protestors vehemently rejected the notion of considering the separatist party’s project as the sole solution to the Syrian regime and the country’s 12-year-long crisis. They emphasized that the decision rests solely with the people in the square, echoing Sheikh Akl’s statement from the Druze Almohad sect: “The first and last decision is for the people of the square only, and no one should impose his opinion on its revolutionaries.”  


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.


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