Syrian Youth Stabbed Death in Southern Turkish Province of Kayseri

According to reports from Turkish media, a heated argument erupted between the 19-year-old Syrian and a Turkish citizen, according to Zaman al-Wasl.

A tragic incident unfolded two days ago in the southern Turkish city of Kayseri, where a young Syrian man lost his life after being fatally stabbed by a young Turkish man, sending shockwaves throughout the refugee community in the country.

The unfortunate incident occurred on Saturday evening in the Kadhim Karabkar area of the Milik Ghazi region. According to reports from Turkish media, a heated argument erupted between a 19-year-old Syrian named Ayman Abdullah al-Hassan and a Turkish youth identified as “Y. J,” allegedly stemming from a dispute over a conversation.

The Plight of Syrian Exiles in the Modern World

In a fateful turn of events, the Turkish young man produced a concealed knife from his clothing and used it to attack the young Syrian hailing from the eastern countryside of Aleppo. Promptly responding to the scene, both the police and medical teams rushed to provide assistance. Despite the best efforts of medical professionals at Kayseri City Hospital, the injured man tragically succumbed to his injuries, and the alleged perpetrator was taken into custody.

Turkish involvement in the incident 

In a related development, additional Turkish sources have suggested the possible involvement of two Turkish brothers in the incident, as they were reported to have become embroiled in the altercation with the Syrian youth, ultimately resulting in his tragic injuries.

Notably, the alleged perpetrator has put forth a different account of the events, asserting that it was the Syrian individual who had taken hold of the knife and, in the ensuing struggle, ended up falling to the ground, inadvertently causing the knife to penetrate his own chest.


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