Will Syrian Opposition Utilize Russia-Ukraine War to Launch Attacks on Government?

The Syrian opposition cannot launch an attack against the government, despite Russia being busy in Ukraine, according to North Press.

In the middle of the Russia-Ukraine war, residents and activists in northwest Syria are encouraged to open new fronts by the opposition against the Syrian government exploiting Russia’s preoccupation in the war.

On the contrary, military personnel in the opposition factions and analysts believe they are unable to start military action since they are connected with regional and international parties.

On February 26th, Haytham Rahmeh, the Secretary-General of the Syrian National Coalition (SNC) called on the international community to support the Turkish-backed Syrian National Army (SNA) and provide it with qualitative equipment and anti-aircrafts, just the same they provided to Ukraine, to be able to fight the government forces.

“Not a decision-maker” 

The Syrian analyst Ahmad Rahal told North Press that the “powers present in northwest Syria are for partial defense and not for total defense, which means they do not have a decision and cannot make one.”

Rahal cited Hussein Degheim, director of the moral guidance in the SNA, as saying, “the Syrian opposition powers are linked to Astana and to Sochi Talks.”

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Earlier, Degheim said, “the SNA cannot breach the Astana items nor items of any other peace talks because they need an order from the countries they follow.”

“Many fighters of the opposition are no longer fighters of the (revolution), rather they have turned to be followers to other states such as Turkey,” Rahal said.

Restoration and reposition  

In turn, Mustafa Bakkour, the official spokesperson of the Army of Glory (Jaysh al-Izza), affiliated with the SNA, said “under the split of the factions, contestant of governments, lack of effective activity of the political wing of the opposition, and the absence of a unified military and political leadership, the opposition cannot start any offensive against the government.”

“The Russian war launched against Ukraine does not mean Russia is unable to assault northern Syria. Russia’s aircraft, soldiers, and weapons used in Syria are still there on the Syrian territories,” Bakkour told North Press.

Bakkour stressed the internal house of the Syrian revolution must be reformed before thinking of launching an offensive against the Syrian government. Circumstances have changed since 2011 and the political and the military body of the Syrian revolution must be renewed, reformed, and put on the right course.


This article was edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.


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