Syrian NGOs, Civil Activists Found New Civil Platform for Peace and Justice

191 organizations and 145 community leaders join forces to form The Syrian Civil Society Platform in response to the international community's ineffectiveness to tackle the crisis

Syrian NGOs announced the birth of a new partnership between nearly 200 organizations, aimed at enhancing freedom, justice, equality, tolerance and pluralism inside the country after nearly six years of war.

The Syrian Civil Society Platform, which was founded in the Turkish city of Istanbul, consists of 11 local platforms in 11 Syrian provinces and three neighboring countries, representing 191 NGOs and 145 community leaders.

The founding of the platform comes in response to the frustration toward the inability of the international community to implement resolutions and support efforts aiming to protect civilians and end the violence, member and activist “Amal” explained.

She stressed that the ruling principles for the work of the association include consultations, participation, transparency, diversity, and independence.

Amal pointed out that the alliance is independent and does not consider itself neutral towards the oppressive acts of the powerful and their forces.

According to the activist, this independence is represented through “consideration of freedom, dignity, justice and equality," as well as by “taking decisions away from political affiliations in what serve the interests of the Syrian people.”

Like similar organizations and human rights centers, the platform faces many obstacles like operating in regime-controlled areas and the subsequent security challenges that civil activists could face.

Amal added: “some of the branches of the platform work in the places where some extremist factions which reject democracy. The foundation of the work of the platform.”

NGOs and individuals should not be affiliated with any political or military parties. The platform aims to establish specialized committees to deal with issues like breaking the siege, assisting detainees and refugees, and stopping the bombing and documenting violations.

This article was edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.


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