Syrian Press Editorials

Syrian press editorials today lashed on Qatar and Turkey, as we;; as the "American backtracking" on the commitments it offered at the first meeting in Moscow


 Illusions and Misconceptions


Al-Thawra – by Mustafa Al-Mikdad


The success of the recent American-Russian meeting snagged the conspirators. The bombings in Reyhanli were just a chance to turn back the clock and give the armed groups an opportunity to claim some fake victories on the ground in Aleppo, Homs, Idlib and Daraa before the conference.


The conference now seems to be delayed because of what appears to be American backtracking on the commitments it offered at the first meeting in Moscow.  That means the conspirators are still betting on their plan, despite its daily failures. Meanwhile the heroes of our armed forces show that they will continue their national duty without paying any attention to the plans being hatched against our country.


The upcoming days will force anyone who reneged on their promises to go fall back on the international proposals, the principles of the United Nations, the international conventions and treaties; there will be no escaping the international conference and the national dialogue that will follow it. Through this we will reach an agreement on all the national issues with the total support of the people.


Qatar's Bankruptcy


Syria Times – By Mohamad Abdo al-Ibrahim


Just as the Syrian people are close to solving the crisis in the country – mainly caused by Qatar itself –  the Qatari Sheikhdom intensifies its futile troublemaking efforts.


They are futile because essentially, petrodollars can never make a dwarf of a giant. The island of Qatar talks tough, as though it possesses the U.S. military bases on its tiny territory and not opposite, that the U.S. possesses tiny Qatar. Qatar should be ashamed of itself for leasing two thirds of its island to U.S. troops, which have occupied and destroyed Arab countries. Qatar's reckless and foolish policies work not just against its neighbors, but against Qatar itself.


In his speech the U.N. Wednesday, Syria's U.N. envoy Bashar al-Jafaari made it clear that the destructive roles of the Arab League, led by Qatar and Saudi Arabia and their new member, Turkey, have served to legitimize the arming of terrorists.


"As soon as a political solution for the crisis in Syria emerges, the scale of terrorist operations on the ground increases," Jafaari told the General Assembly, also blasting the Qatari-presented draft resolution as a bid to obstruct the political initiative. He cited the negative impact of the Qatari, Saudi petrodollar and their recruitment of extremists and terrorists in fuelling the crisis in Syria.


The diminished number of countries that voted for the Qatari-drafted resolution reflects the view of many concerned observers and analysts that it was an attempt to abort the recent Russian – U.S. initiative to end the crisis in Syria through diplomatic and political means.


The non-binding resolution was approved with 12 votes against and 59 abstentions, indicating increasing acknowledgement by the international community that extremist and Wahabi terrorist groups, from more than 28 countries, are pursuing a war of attrition against the Syrian state and society.


The resolution comes amid mounting concerns by some western countries of the threat caused by foreign-backed terrorist groups in Syria and the justified concerns of the increasing spillover effect of the crisis on other neighboring countries.



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