Opinion: Turkey’s Failed Coup – Hypocrisy or Democracy!

Apart from their sharp, and at times contradictory stances, Syria's opposition in Turkey has indeed given a lesson in how opposition should behave

The recent failed coup attempt in neighboring Turkey has carried many implications and lessons. Syria, a country paying a heavy price in its own citizens' blood, belongings, hopes and aspirations because of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his AK Party policies, followed the events as the whole world did closely. The Syrians did express pleasure and joy, not out of hatred for their neighbors, who occupied them for centuries, but as a natural national human reflection of their sadness, agony and sufferings.

The Syrian national foreign policy was strongly founded by the late President Hafez Al-Assad decades ago: non-interference in other countries' domestic affairs. Thus, many Syrians were both sad and happy at the same time to hear the news. Many felt elated because we have suffered a great deal at the hands of the Erdogan-affiliated cannibals and terrorists – of all colors and nationalities – not to mention the tragedy and poverty inflicted on Aleppo at the hands of Aleppo's burglar. The Syrians' feelings of sadness were mainly caused by the non-human ISIS-like torture, humiliation and slaughter of some Turkish soldiers at the hands of their co-nationals, which was done before by some extremist Turks against the Syrians for decades, if not (the Ottomans) for centuries!

The Syrians are not interested in the unfolding and whereabouts of events in their neighboring Turkey. It is not our concern. The Syrians are in dire need of stability, peace and security, which would never be attained unless those like Mr. Erdogan refrain from backing, arming, dispatching and financing the Wahabi Al-Qaeda affiliates. Erdogan has still to offer apology, condolences and justice to the Syrians.

There is another good lesson for those who claim to be opposition. Syrian opposition parties based in Turkey all rallied and supported the democratically elected AK Party, who promised to safeguard the republic. Apart from their sharp, and at times contradictory stances, the opposition in Turkey has indeed given a lesson in how opposition should behave. Hopefully some of the foreign opposition groups in Syria – mainly those affiliated to Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, US, France or any devil worldwide – could have learned how to behave and act when it comes to the national higher and upper interests of their own Syria!

Among the implications of the failed coup was also the hypocrital multi-standard response of some of the so-called guardians of human rights and democracy! They turned their blind eyes to the ongoing crimes perpetrated on the ground against Turkish army soldiers, and called for safeguarding the democratically-elected president and government in Turkey. Outgoing US President Barack Obama said that Erdogan should be dealt with as the legally elected president; in harmony with the deep rooted US intransigency, complexity and multi-standards. Mr. Obama, and other world officials who echoed similar statements, have been plotting, calling and working for the downing of the most popular and democratically elected president on earth and for years!

This article was edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.


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