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8,845 Jordanians Wanted by the Assad regime: Check the List

The Syrian security services have thousands of Jordanians on their wanted list raising fears among Jordanians who planned to visit Syria after the opening of the joint border crossing, according to Zaman Al Wasl

Who’s Who: Miraj Ural

Miraj Ural, who is accused of various massacres, in particular in Baniyas, is used by the Syrian regime in its conflict against Turkey. He was recently wounded following an ambush on his convoy

Arab Parties Conference Condemns US Threats

Secretary General of Arab Parties Conference Qassem Saleh, has said that these threats, pave the way for the fabrication of a chemical attack writes SANA

Who’s Who: Suheil Al-Hassan

Al-Hassan’s cult-like status has helped him cement an image of a fearless and merciless commander in the public eye, with many touting the Syrian colonel as a likely successor to President Bashar Assad