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Why the Regime Rapes a Syrian Child

By broadcasting her claims, the Syrian regime slandered the girl
Why the Regime Rapes a Syrian Child

Syrian regime television has conducted an interview with a sixteen-year-old Syrian girl reading lies and fabrications about her family and against the Free Syrian Army.


The girl, whose innocent face resembles the Virgin Mary, told the channel the Free Syrian Army had instructed her to claim that a group of rebels had taught her to exercise marriage jihad.


Her statements also suggested that her father also had sex with her.


In fact what raped this girl and stole her virginity were the declarations of the corrupt regime which slandered the girl and forced her to make misleading confessions to distort the reputation of the Free Syrian Army and the revolutionaries.


The regime claimed that the child brought up her claims voluntarily, but in actual fact it was the regime that raped her across its screens and slandered this girl-child, revealing her face and assassinating her virginity.


Syria is raped, but some sub-humans are still practicing oral degradation when defending murderers.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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