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War of the Ringtones During Assad Election Campaign

Social media used by both sides in the lead up to the election
War of the Ringtones During Assad Election Campaign

The row between the official campaign behind the president of the Syrian regime Bashar Assad and his opponents took a new form, with mobile ringtones becoming part of the battleground.


Assad’s official campaign has circulated a song in suuport of Assad across social media sites, titled "We build it, it beomes sweeter. We protect it together", which can be downloaded on mobile phones. But opponents of Assad responded with a revolutionary song, "Your bullets will not suppress us".


Social networking pages have been used extensively as a propaganda tool. The official page for Assad’s campaign on Facebook circulated the song under a campaign of "Together". Syrian rebels, meanwhile, have used their son, by Khaled Abu-Nasr on the page titled "Blood elections", which rejects Assad's nomination.


"Blood elections" was launched before the announcement of the start of the official presidential campaign in Syria, and the number of subscribers to the page is now at more than 39,000 people. The page includes several articles calling on people not to vote for Assad, and includes pictures of the buildings that were destroyed by regime aircraft, the dead and wounded targeted by explosive barrels and pictures of those died because of the use of chemical weapons.


Assad's official  "Together" page includes portraits of Assad and the phone ringtone. The number of subscribers is more than 180,000.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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