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Syrian Official Delegation Responds to Coalition Delegation

Syrian official delegation says it has agreed to the Geneva I communique
Syrian Official Delegation Responds to Coalition Delegation

The Syrian Arab Republic delegation to the Geneva II conference said that it has responded to a statement from the Syrian National Coalition delegation, confirming that Syria has agreed to the first Geneva communique, although with some reservations.


The Syrian delegation said they had come to Geneva with a desire to preserve the lives of Syrians, their freedom and democracy.


The response came during a morning dialogue session held between the Syrian Arab Republic delegation and Coalition delegation of so-called “opposition” and attended by U.N. envoy to Syria Lakhdar Brahimi, which concluded on Wednesday afternoon.


The Syrian official delegation said that it since the outset of talks, it has announced its full readiness to put the first Geneva communiqué on the table and discuss it one item at a time.


The Syrian official delegation said they pointed out to the Coalition delegation the fact that the latter apparently hasn’t read any part of the Geneva communiqué except the 8th item and stressed that there were other items before and after it.


The Syrian delegation reiterated that Syrians alone have the right to decide upon their future, stressing the need for there to be an opposition representing a wide spectrum in order to take part in creating this future.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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