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Syrian Factories Export Veterinary Medicine to 32 Countries

Factories continue to export quality veterinary medicine despite crippling sanctions, says minister
Syrian Factories Export Veterinary Medicine to 32 Countries

Undeterred by the economic siege imposed on Syria, veterinary medicine factories continue to produce 90 percent of the local market’s needs, further exporting their products to 32 Arab and foreign countries, Minister of Agriculture Ahmed al-Qadiri said.

The veterinary medicines produced by Syrian factories are distinguished by their high quality and effectiveness, Qadiri stressed during a meeting with factory owners on Sunday.

The minister underlined the importance of continuing production and improving performance in order to compete with other products in local and foreign markets.

Qadri also called for the setting of a vision for the next stage in a way that would reflect positively on the quality and reputation of Syrian veterinary medicine.


Edited by The Syrian Observer


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