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Syria Exposed to Foreign Aggression: Mikdad

Mikdad criticised the terms used to describe events in Syria
Syria Exposed to Foreign Aggression: Mikdad

Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Faisal Mikdad stressed on Sunday that Syria has been exposed to direct aggression aimed at demolishing it and changing its political regime by force for more than three years.


“The word 'aggression' is an accurate way to describe the killing, demolishion and foreign interference in this country,” Mikdad wrote in an article published at the Lebanese al-Binaa newspaper Saturday.


Mikdad criticized the terms used by the west to describe what is going on in Syria, including 'crisis', 'dilemma', the 'civil war', claiming these terms don’t reflect the reality of what is going on in Syria.


He said Syria is being exposed to foreign aggression, and that the Syrian people became aware of these incorrect concepts when they flocked to participate in the presidential elections inside and outside Syria to show support for the leadership and the army.


The minister slammed the "dirty role" of the Arab League in serving the western countries through calling on the NATO intervene militarily in an Arab independent country.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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