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SSNP Announces Support for Assad for the Presidency

Ali Haidar says his party rejects interference in the election process
SSNP Announces Support for Assad for the Presidency

The leader of the Syrian Socialist Nationalist Party (SSNP) Ali Haidar has declared his party's support for the nomination of Bashar Assad for the presidency, saying it is his right as a Syrian citizen.


“No external or any other forces are allowed to interfere in naming who is eligible for nomination. It is a Syrian internal affair par excellence and the right of every citizen without exception,” Haidar told reporters at a press conference on Tuesday.


He reiterated that this right, which is also a duty of every Syrian citizen, should be practiced away from any political bickering stemming from opponents or supporters of the government.


Haidar announced that his party was withdrawing from the Popular Front for Change and Liberation and Change over discrepancy in its position on the presidential election.


He said his party rejected "confused positions" towards the election, which is a constitutional event. Regarding those who have called for the necessity for reform this event, Haidar made it clear that his party is not on the same page with all the forces of the front.


His party, he said, intends “to make wide-ranging contacts with the national opposition forces to discuss the possibility of forging an extensive national coalition that works on a win-win basis and not on one team triumphing over the other.”


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer




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