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Salvation Government Imposes Closure of Idleb Firearms Shops

The Salvation Government has suspended licenses and ordered firearm shops to close by the middle of February, or face repercussions reports Baladi News.
Salvation Government Imposes Closure of Idleb Firearms Shops

On Monday, the Ministry of Interior in the Salvation Government issued a decision to close all firearms shops in the liberated areas in northwestern Syria and freeze their licenses.

In the decision circulated by the Ministry of Interior to close the shops, which have cost many Syrians’ lives within the liberated areas, the Salvation Government decided to close shops that sell and buy weapons in the liberated areas, freeze their licenses. The ministry has set a deadline of mid-February to completely close all shops and empty their contents. The owners of the shops are to report to the Criminal Security Department for post-closure instructions.

According to the decision, as soon as the deadline passes, the Ministry of Interior will ensure the orders have been implemented and hold those in violation accountable by the competent judiciary after confiscating the weapons and closing the shops using a red wax seal.

The Ministry of Interior’s Criminal Security Department is concerned with following up on the implementation of the decision, in addition to withdrawing and suspending all licenses it issues.

Many explosions have recently happened outside firearms shops in the liberated areas, causing injuries and the deaths of many civilians.


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