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Regime Media Attacks Minister Ali Haider

Speculation the smear campaign is being correographed ahead of peace talks
Regime Media Attacks Minister Ali Haider

The Syrian regime recently launched an official media campaign against the members of the Popular Front for Change and Liberation party in Syria and the head of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party, the Minister for National Reconciliation, Ali Haider.


The Baath newspaper on Thursday published an article, “The minister and the sore reconciliation”, by Ali Bilal Qasim, who attacked the minister of the regime, claiming he was responsible for the growing number of kidnapped and missing people, as well as the number of detainees.


State media SANA also appeared to participate in the campaign. On the same evening the article was published, it broadcast a program carrying the same accusations against Haidar.


The campaign coincides with the preparations for Geneva II, making it likely it is designed to polish the image of Haidar ahead of talks.


One opposition activist pointed out that recent assasination attempts also fall in this category.


Translated and edited by the Syrian Observer


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