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Regime Kills Damascus University Professor

Muhammad Zakaria Naddaf was killed just 15 days after the general amnesty was issued
Regime Kills Damascus University Professor

After a year under arrest, Dr. Muhammad Zakaria Naddaf has been reportedly killed under torture in Assad prisons.


The news came just fifteen days after a presidential amnesty was issued for detainees who were arrested on the background of the revolution. The martyr was supposed to be included in the amnesty.


The university professor was from the city of al-Kiswah. He was arrested along with his family about a year ago on charges of "revolutionary activity". His wife was released after six months, while he remained in prison, waiting from behind the bars of his dark prison for a freedom he would never see. His family received a short note saying that he had died in the prison, without giving any further information.


Naddaf was known for his humble, educated and friendly personality, in addition to his ability in rhetoric and eloquent speech.


One of his friends described him as being a prominent figure in his city and one of the most well-known personalities in the surrounding areas, especially because of his scientific and social status.


He was a moderate man of science and religion and was mostly interested in Shariah science and academic education.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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