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Rebel-Held Aleppo Defies War, Finds Space for Joy

Residents of the devastated city continue their proud traditions despite being surrounded by conflict for three years
Rebel-Held Aleppo Defies War, Finds Space for Joy

Despite war-torn Aleppo’s unofficial status as the world’s most dangerous city last year, residents often do their best to enjoy their time and live a normal life.

Summer time in Aleppo was considered the season for trips, parties, meals and barbecues, and residents still maintain these traditions despite the falling barrel bombs, and shellings on most days.

Only days ago, people of old Aleppo attended a wedding party for a young man of the Aqyol neighborhood, only 200 meters away from the frontline. The attendees confronted the regime by continuing to celebrate, despite regime forces destroying wedding guest’s cars at the entrance of the neighborhood.

Aleppo has been divided since rebels captured large areas of the city in an offensive in the summer of 2012.

Syria's four-year conflict began as popular protests against four decades of the Assad family rule, but the peaceful movement transformed into armed insurgency under a crackdown by security forces.

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