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Opinion: The Union of the Wise

Pro-government analyst says there is no scope for success at Geneva with extremists involved.
Opinion: The Union of the Wise

If we want to guarantee the success of any dialogue, whether at Geneva or elsewhere, the first thing is to give priority to moderation against extremism and hyperbole.


I had the opportunity recently to listen to a religious scholar explain moderate Islam and the difference between moderation and hypocrisy. In language, applying dictionaries to mediate between is to apply justice among them.


On the way to Geneva we need to include the moderates and exclude the extremists with their ideas that diverge from dialogue. Without the moderate, dialogue cannot succeed.


The moderates were silent – or rather, were obliged to be silent – and they were not allowed to express their opinion on how to solve the crisis as the language of arms overshadowed sane words.


At Geneva we need rational voices. This is an opportunity for those caught up with vanity or pride to return to the language of moderation, logic and reasonable, fair and equitable speech.


Another important point we should work on carefully is to ensure negotiators don't go to Geneva thinking of profit and loss, victory and defeat, as they are go to negotiate a business deal , but are the first to go to save the country. Thus, profit means reaching this purpose. If that is achieved, then everyone is a winner. Failure, likewise, means that all lose. The idea of winners and losers in Syria is a disaster for Syria and the people will not forgive those who disrupt the path of the solution or  let it stray from it's correct path. The Syrian people follow in their hearts and minds, and indeed, know by virtue of instinct, who are the entities and persons who obstruct the solution process.


If Qadri Jamil uses the term "corrupt union of the opposition and the regime" for those who have an interest in continuing the crisis, the solution is then the union of moderates who have a national conscience.


It is time for them to move forward and those with repellent voices and angry language to retreat. This should be done simultaneously while also laying down the weapons and promoting the language of understanding, tolerance and work to create an environment of dialogue. The big winner will be Syria and Syrians, while the threat to Syrians will be to stand the disappointment of the failure of Geneva.


I say this while many countries have no interest in ending the crisis. The Syrian citizen is now aware of the parties that pour fuel on the fire. It is no longer a secret that the fate of Syria should be determined by the wise union of Syrians, those with moderate minds and ideas, and pure consciences.


Now is the right moment to return to the bosom of the nation from the gate of the dialogue to access opportunities to chart a better future for Syria.


Dear moderates, it is time to raise your voices and silence the language of arms, extremism and violence.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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