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Jarba Visits Coast, Pays Tribute to Turkmen in the Revolution

Jarba says the regime fears the Turkmen in Syria
Jarba Visits Coast, Pays Tribute to Turkmen in the Revolution

The President of the Syrian National Coalition, Ahmed Jarba, visited the Turkmen Mountain, Bayer Bujaq, and al-Akrad Mountain in the countryside of Latakia, ten days after the start of a battle there.


Jarba was accompanied by the members of the Coalition, Ahmed Jaqal and some military leaders.


Jarba said in a phone call to Anatolia news Agency that the visit "was a field visit to the people and fighters". He said he also visited all the battlefronts on the Turkmen Mountain, starting from Kassab, Suda, Tower 45 and all the adjacent areas.


Jarba said he met fighters in the unified military council at the al-Akrad Mountain and assessed the military situation, stressing that "he touched the high morale among the fighters".


Jarba stressed the need "to have a real support for the front", pointing out that the Coalition has provided support to the front, and in the coming days it will increase its support", adding that "members of the Syrian National Turkmen Mass accompanied him on the tour."


He expressed his support to the Turkmen after the threats they received from the Syrian regime, explaining that "the Turkmen in all Syria have given the Syrian revolution many martyrs and sacrifices, in Jarablous, Tel Abayad, the Turkmen Mountain, Latakia, az-Zara, Baba Amr and in the southern region."


He pointed out that "this is not strange to them, and the regime threatens them because it feels the real danger of Turkmen, knows their patriotism and heroism."


"The regime fears this national group of the Syrian people," Jarba said.


Jarba said the Coalition "shakes hands with the Turkmen and the Syrian people are with them and that their steadfastness in this battle, and all the other battles, is the best message to the Syrian regime."


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer




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