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ISIS Declares Forced Recruitment for Raqqa Youths

Hard-line Islamist group announces all boys and men over the age of 14 in the northern province must register for service
ISIS Declares Forced Recruitment for Raqqa Youths

Islamic State (ISIS) has imposed forced conscription for youths in the northern region of Raqqa province, the group’s largest stronghold in Syria, according to a statement issued by the governorate of Raqqa.

ISIS has demanded every man over the age of 14 years old to register their names and data at ISIS police stations. The registration starts Friday, Oct. 16, and will continue for a week. The organization has publicly vowed to punish those who fail to enlist.

The decision to recruit Raqqa’s youths follows the announcement of the formation of the Democratic Forces of Syria by “moderate rebels” on Oct. 11. The new group, which includes Kurdish militia forces, as well as Arab and Syriac fighters, has announced its objective is "to tighten the siege around Raqqa in coordination with the international coalition against ISIS."

This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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