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Ghalioun Announces Death of the Coalition

The Coalition has suffered a crisis in trust, Ghalioun wrote on his Facebook page
Ghalioun Announces Death of the Coalition

Former president of the Syrian National Council confirmed to sources close to him that the Syrian National Coalition has lost its ability to work and can no longer survive.


Writing on his Facebook page about the fate of the Coalition, Ghalioun said: "I think that the Coalition in its past form has ended up as a sad expansion exercise which has removed all illusions about its ability to live and work."


"The Coalition collapsed after a dangerous crisis in trust," he wrote.


"We will see if we can resurrect it at the next meeting of the General Commission. We are all supposed to deliberate on what happened and deduce what is required to build a new vision for the organization which is deserving of its name as the representative of the revolution and opposition, and is able to provide a universal and effective national framework, an organization that can provide a practical initiative to achieve the goals of the revolution and Syrian people," he concluded.


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