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Fouad Humera To Alawites: Say No

The writer tells Alawites not to protect Assad with their children's blood
Fouad Humera To Alawites: Say No

Writer Fouad Humera has addressed the Alawite sect on his Facebook page, urging them to abandon Bashar Assad .


"I hope no one will think that I am accusing a specific sect of being responsible of what is happening in the country. My words here are just an appeal to my family, relatives and members of my sect," Humera said.


"We still have a penalty which may score a goal to save the country from the snowballing disaster, there is still an opportunity to rebel against a regime that put you in this critical situation, put you in conflict with your parents and your partners in the country,


"Just say 'no' to the killing of you and your children on the altar of Assad's lust for power. Say no and rebel to protect our homeland, to protect your children who have died defending someone who deserves nothing but your hatred, who has worked, like his father before him to fuel his war against the Syrian people.


"Remember that the Assad family enslaved you for years and now this family insists on investing in you to burn Syria. Say 'no' once and you will find all of Syria by your side. Speak and you will see all of Syria is with you.


"Rebel against this ignorant and vindictive regime that has brought the country to this state and you will find your brothers by your side. The regime does not protect you, but you protect them with the blood of your children. Declare and renew your belonging to Syria and its people and you will be protected."


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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