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Aleppo Parks Become Public Cemeteries

Activists say martyrs can be documented in parks and regime forces will not exhume the bodies
Aleppo Parks Become Public Cemeteries

When the cemetery is very far, and just to get there to bury your relatives may cost you your own life, private gardens or public parks have become cemeteries in many Syrian towns and neighborhood.


Residents of Bustan al-Qasser, in Aleppo city, have transformed the public park into a graveyard.


"It is very dangerous to walk to the cemeteries, which are usually situated in cities outside the suburbs, besides the siege circumstances and the presence of snipers, who are planted everywhere," Abu Ahmed, 50, told Zaman al-Wasl.


Activists said that public yards are the best place to burry martyrs.


"Here we can document the number of martyrs by name and no one from the Assad regime will exhume or desecrate the bodies," one activist noted.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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