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15 ISIS Fighters Surrender in Deir Ez-Zor

Over the past year, the Islamic State has lost huge swathes of territory in northern and eastern Syria reports Zaman Al Wasl

What Happened Over the Weekend

Prisoner swaps, returning families, reconciliations and disagreements with the OPCW. Catch up on the latest events surrounding Syria.

ISIS Kills 11 SDF Fighters in Hassakeh

Despite the huge loss of territory incurred by the extremist group, they still pose a threat to others on the ground writes Zaman Al Wasl

What Solution Awaits East of the Euphrates?

Despite the decision by the Syrian Democratic Council to enter into talks with the government, the situation east of the Euphrates remains unclear writes Al-Watan

Events in Syria Over the Weekend

In north Syria, armed groups are coming to terms with the outcomes of the Ghouta and Afrin offensives