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Opinion: Egypt's Healer and Syria's Destiny

Because of the immorality and hostility of the Islamic State to all, and the danger it poses for the legal, geographic and demographic status quo in the region, everyone must forget their differences, or ignore them for now, in order to confront this storm

The ISIS within

Until we learn to embrace the true meaning of citizenship, dictatorships and extremism will prevail

A journey through Syria’s Daraa

Journalist Firas Choufi drives through the province of Daraa, where the revolution broke out 3 years ago

Assad the Guardian Angel

Assad enjoys immense popularity as the most popular Arab leader, the editorial in the newspaper says

How Assad Junior Lost the Empire

Adnan Adulraszak writes for The Syrian Observer on how Assad targets business people who have different views than his

2000 Alawites Leave Syria

Many have transferred their wealth to, the UAE, Russia, and Eastern European countries

Who's who: Mapping of documentation groups in Syria

Several bodies of international law provide standards applicable to the Syrian crisis, including international humanitarian law, international criminal law, and international human rights law