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YPG’s Car Bomb Rocks Ras al-Ayn

Turkey has accused the YPG of detonating a car bomb in the border town of Ras al-Ayn, killing and ijuring a number of civilians reports Zaman Al Wasl.

YPG Bomb Attack Kills 17 People in Ras al-Ayn

A village near Ras al-Ayn was hit with a car bomb attack that killed 17 people, and marks a rise in the use of car bombs writes Zaman al-Wasl.

Kurdish Units Fear Turkish Buffer Zone Plan

With Turkey expected to begin operations in northern Syria, PYD gunmen have started to make preparations including fortifications writes Zaman Al Wasl.

Asaad al-Zouabi’s Comments Anger Kurds

The former head of the Syrian opposition delegation in Geneva published a series of inflammatory tweets against the Kurds reports Etihad Press.

What Happened Over the Weekend

Academics and politicians meet to discuss the Islamic State, changes at the top across security branches, Lebanon cracks down on Syrian refugees and casualty figures for Idleb released. Catch up on everything that happened over the weekend.

Qamishli Locals Fear Return of Syrian Regime Control

The Syrian Democratic Forces have held a number of meetings with the Assad regime, but residents remain concerned about their fate writes Asharq al-Awsat.

Syrian Democratic Forces Take Control of Baghouz

After a long battle, the Syrian Democratic Forces have prevailed against the Islamic State and have captured a large number of fighters in the process writes Alsouria Net.

Four YPG Militants Killed in Hassakeh

While this bout of fighting killed four, internal conflicts between Kurdish groups in Syria are rare writes Zaman al-Wasl.

Syrian Kurdish Women March to End Gender-Based Violence

Syrian-Kurdish women marched to end gender-based violence to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women writes Al-Araby al-Jadeed,

How Has Turkey Exploited the Saudi-funded Jaish al-Islam?

Jaish al-Islam, which is seeking a new role after its demise from eastern Ghouta, may contribute to Turkey’s potential onslaught on the Kurds east of the Euphrates, a pro-regime outlet is saying

Over 19,000 Syrian Kurds Deprived of Citizenship

Despite the issuing of Legislative Decree No. 49 in 2011, thousands of Kurds still lack the basic rights that come with being a registered citizen reports Asharq al-Awsat.

What Solution Awaits East of the Euphrates?

Despite the decision by the Syrian Democratic Council to enter into talks with the government, the situation east of the Euphrates remains unclear writes Al-Watan

Desolation Afflicts Returnees to Raqqa

The residents of Raqqa, who have returned to the city, have been shocked by the amount of destruction and complain about the behaviour of the SDF writes Enab Baladi