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SDF Arrests ISIS Financial Official in Raqqa

The Syrian Democratic Forces have arrested a man they say worked with the Islamic State and provided them with financial assistance reports Smart News

Hezbollah’s Drug Trade Ruins Syrian Youth

Schools in the suburbs of Damascus are being plagued by drugs, with Hezbollah being suspected as the main supplier of the narcotics reports Zaman Al Wasl.

8,409 Charged With Drug Dealing in 2018

Major Hossam Azar from the anti-drug department, blamed the spread of drugs on terrorist groups, who use the profits to fund their activities writes Al-Watan.

Syrians Seek to Psychological Treatment

Years of conflict have left many Syrians mentally scarred and seeking psychiatric services to help them cope writes Al-Watan.

From Ahrar al-Sham Commander to Drug Lord

A report by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has said that a former commander from Harasta is now operating as a drug dealer writes Al-Hal.