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Opinion: No Reconstruction for Syria

Assad’s allies Russia and Iran will not foot the money needed to bankroll the upcoming rebuilding phase, Jihad Yazigi writes

U.S. Strikes Put Syria at a Crossroads: Beginning of Political Settlement or De Facto Division?

Al-Hayat columnist Ibrahim Hamidi highlights four observations in the aftermath of the first American strike on Syrian army positions, explaining that the coming days will show which of two tracks will be taken by Russian and the U.S. in response — military escalation between the two superpowers, or a renewed interest in a military-political agreement

Opinion: Lausanne… Conflicting Paths

The Syrian war, which displays open geographical boundaries, requires closure at the level of all the region’s nations. This is a measure demanding coordination which is still not there, due to the sharp Russian-American clash.

Opposition Leader to Visit Beijing

Observers believe that recent statement by U.S. President Barack Obama regarding the moderate armed opposition will undermine Jarba’s efforts

Authorities Arrest Renowned Artist

Abdulke has held dozens of art exhibitions and published hundreds of cartoons, many of which are critical of the Syrian regime and the Assad family

Bashar addresses his international gang

Bashar before anyone else realizes that his dictatorial regime encompasses all the reasons for its own downfall, from the bloodthirsty and brutal acts, the assassinations, torture, sectarianism and corruption, and the looting of the country’s wealth.