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Zahran Alloush: Missiles Will Rain In Damascus Next Sunday

Army of Islam commander calls for residents of Damascus to remain inside their homes after warning of an attack on the capital
Zahran Alloush: Missiles Will Rain In Damascus Next Sunday

Commander of the Army of Islam Zahran Alloush has warned civilians residing in Damascus not to leave their homes or wander the streets of the capital from next Sunday onward.


Alloush announced that Damascus will be targeted on Sunday with hundreds of rockets daily, in response to the regime's bombing of cities and towns in Eastern Ghouta.


"All Muslims, the Missile Brigade will launch a campaign on the capital…hundreds of rockets will fall on Damascus daily", Alloush warned in a tweet on Friday.


Alloush tweeted that the campaign comes “in response to the barbaric bombardment carried out by regime's planes on our people in the blessed Ghouta. In order to preserve the lives of residents in the capital, we advise them not to wander or go out to their jobs from Sunday onward".


Alloush's announcement came after regime forces escalated the bombardment of civilians, targeting Hammouriyah city in Eastern Ghouta today, killing dozens of civilians.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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