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Where is the $50,000 Aid Money Sent to Yarmouk?

The ACU has said it will conduct an urgent investigation into the missing funds
Where is the $50,000 Aid Money Sent to Yarmouk?

As civilians die in the Yarmouk camp due to the unrelenting 175-day government siege, news has been leaked about a missing $50,000 aid package sent from the Aid Coordination Unit in November and December last year.


Sources from the Palestinian Camps Support Network confirmed that the money was not delivered to the camp. The same sources revealed that communications with the ACU, the humanitarian aid branch of the Syrian National Coalition, to find out where the money went.


The sources reported that the ACU is conducting an urgent investigation about the case.


Meanwhile, the Palestinian Support Network called for an investigation into what it described as a “crime against the besieged people.”


“This money was intended to save the lives of thousands of civilians, many of whom may die from hunger and disease inside the Camp,” the network said.


The coordinator of the network, Ayman Abu Hashem asked the ACU to reveal the results of their investigation, “so that the people in the camp can know who has taken the humanitarian fund allocated for them.”


Some 30 people in Yarmouk camp, south of Damascus died of hunger as a result of the siege.


Activists in the camp said a Palestinian family ate cat meat, in what is believed to be the first case since the beginning of the siege. Activists in the city reported that a “father of five slaughtered three cats to feed his starving children”.


The General Commission of the Syrian Revolution said six people had died of hunger in Yarmouk camp, while another two had been killed by regime snipers while they were trying to get the Hajar al-Aswad neighborhood to get food on Saturday.


The total number of people to have died in the camp has reached 30, most of them children and women.


Translated and edited by the Syrian Observer


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