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Trial of Louay Hussein Postponed Until March

Damascus court agrees to postpone hearing of Louay Hussein on charges of weakening the morale of the nation
Trial of Louay Hussein Postponed Until March

The Second Criminal Court in Damascus – consisting of its president judge Majid al-Ayoubi and his advisers George Shadaydah and Mustafa Kadek – which presides over the case of opposition figure, Louay Hussein, has postponed the case to March 3, 2015.


The Public Prosecution had demanded the trial of Hussein. However, Hussein's lawyer, Basil Mane, has asked to postpone the hearing to present his defense.


The Public Prosecution presented its claim that Hussein exploited the conditions of the country and the crisis by using freedom of opinion and expression to weaken the national unity and coexistence, dismantling the social fabric of Syria.


The third assignment judge, Fouad Alloush, had ratified the decision of first interrogation judge in Damascus, Ziad Idriss, deciding to charge the defendant with weakening the national sentiment and spreading false information that could weaken the morale of the nation.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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