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Thousands Displaced as Hassakeh City Devastated

Clashes between regime forces and ISIS fighters forces at least 4,000 families from the city
Thousands Displaced as Hassakeh City Devastated

A fire broke out in the registry office building in Ghweran neighborhood in the city of Hassakeh after being hit by a mortar shell, according to residents.

Local resident Muzahim al-Fahd told al-Souria Net that the fire started in the upper parts of the building, adding that firefighting teams rushed to the building to handle the situation. Fahd did not mention any casualties.

Clashes also broke out between ISIS fighters and regime forces in the neighborhood of al-Villat, after ISIS detonated two car bombs in the district.

In a related development, Smart news agency reported today that at least four pro-regime militants were killed following clashes in Dolab Awis neighborhood, southwest of Hassakeh city.

The agency added that violent clashes broke out between regime forces and ISIS in the neighborhood, leading to casualties among both parties.

In parallel, regime forces shelled ISIS locations in Panorama Square and western an-Nashwa neighborhood with heavy artillery, according to the agency.

Hassakeh has witnessed large displacement due to fighting and bombardment in several neighborhoods. The number of displaced families from the city’s conflict areas reached at least 4,000, with the majority fleeing to other areas in the province to avoid the clashes, according to local relief organizations.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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