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Terrorism Court Postpones Trial of Mazen Darwish

Human rights group voices concerns over Darwish's safety after postponement of activist's case
Terrorism Court Postpones Trial of Mazen Darwish

The Terrorism Court in Damascus postponed the sentencing hearing of the case of human rights activist and journalist, Mazen Darwish, for the eighth time, due to his absence.

Human rights sources confirmed that Darwish was not present at the sentencing hearing session of his trial, which was scheduled for Wednesday, on charges of promoting terrorist acts.

Syrian authorities transferred Darwish from the Damascus Central Prison in Adra to the Central Prison of Hama, in a step raising concerns of Darwish’s safety.

The Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Expression expressed its concern for the wellbeing of Darwish, warning that his transfer means the court will not issue its final sentence, while relevant authorities will continue to ignore international calls related to Darwish’s case.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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