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Syrian President Orders Munther Assad to Damascus

Munther Assad escorted to Damascus following direct orders from the president
Syrian President Orders Munther Assad to Damascus

Sources from inside the pro-regime Vanguard Party confirmed to al-Souria Net that rumors of Munther al-Assad’s arrest were false, but that he was instead forcibly escorted to Damascus after direct orders from President Bashar al-Assad.

The sources claim "about 150 special forces fighters of the Republican Palace have sieged al-Ziraa district in Lattakia, requesting Munther Assad to obey their orders and accompany them to Damascus via Jablah Airport. The operation was accomplished without any clashes. On the same night, Munther was brought back to Jablah, as if nothing had happened".

The sources noted that the operation was carried out after the National Security Bureau detected contact between Munther and President Assad’s uncle, Rifaat al-Assad, to discuss saving the Alawites in Syria.

"Rifaat Assad tried to contact Munther and ask him to search for a solution to the problem of Alawites who have become exhausted by the war, causing many losses among them”, one of the sources said.

After Munther returned, clashes broke out in the city of Lattakia, where gunfire was heard near the Military Court Building. The clashes reportedly involved the "Desert Storm" Brigade – led by President Assad's cousins – and the National Defense militia in Lattakia. Reasons for the fight breaking out are still unknown.

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