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Syrian Delegation Plane Resumes Journey After Delay at Athens

Plane initially prevented from refueling due to European sanctions
Syrian Delegation Plane Resumes Journey After Delay at Athens

A plane carrying the official Syrian delegation to Geneva II resumed its flight after being held up at the Athens International Airport for four hours, after being prevented from refueling.


SANA's correspondent, who is on the plane as part of a media delegation, said that the Secretary General of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs relayed an official apology for the unintentional delay to the crew and passengers, particularly to the members of the official delegation.


Olympic Air also apologized to the crew of the plane and the official and media delegations, saying that the delay was caused by reasons beyond its control, adding that the plane was later refueled and took off towards its original destination.


The private plane left Syria on Tuesday morning and landed at Athens International Airport around midday Damascus time. Upon its arrival, the pilot was informed that it could not be refueled due to European sanctions imposed on Syria, despite having all the proper clearances for entering the airspace of the concerned countries and landing and refueling at the aforementioned airport.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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