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Syria Warned OPCW, U.N. of Nusra’s Toxic Weapons Smuggling: Deputy FM

Syria's deputy foreign minister shifts guilt for attack following flood of global condemnation, claiming Damascus had alerted monitoring bodies of plans by terror groups to transport chemical weapons into Syria as recently as weeks ago, government media outlet reports
Syria Warned OPCW, U.N. of Nusra’s Toxic Weapons Smuggling: Deputy FM

Damascus warned the international chemical weapons watchdog weeks ago of plans by terrorists to transport toxic substances into Syria, highlighting the Assad government’s stance against the use of chemical weapons under any circumstances, Deputy Foreign Minister Fayssal Mikdad said.

In an interview with Al-Mayadeen TV on Tuesday, Mikdad indicated that over the past few weeks, the Syrian government has provided the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and the United Nations with evidence on the transporting of toxic substances into Syria by the Nusra Front and other terrorist organizations.

He stressed that the Syrian army is not in possession of chemical weapons and denied it had ever used such weapons, clarifying that Syria has stood up to all of its obligations demanded of it by the international community and observers.

The deputy foreign minister reiterated that the use of chemical weapons by terrorist organizations on Syrian territories aims at achieving a cheap political gain and justifying their failure in the talks of Astana and Geneva.

“Sacrificing the lives of the Syrian civilians in this way to achieve political goals is a cheap policy,” Mikdad said. “We are witnessing one of the attacks which have been repeated over the past few weeks and months,” he added, claiming that recent opposition defeats in Aleppo and the surroundings of Damascus and Hama are the reason behind the latest attack.

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