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Syria Agrees to Trade 100,000 Tons of Wheat With Italy

HOBOOB approves contract for the exchange of 100,000 tons of Syrian durum wheat for bread wheat from Italian producer
Syria Agrees to Trade 100,000 Tons of Wheat With Italy

The General Establishment for Cereal Processing and Trade (HOBOOB) is currently working to import bread wheat according to the actual need determined by the Syrian government.

HOBOOB has requested support from the Ministries of Finance, Economy and Foreign Trade, Transport and Oil and the Central Bank of Syria to assist in securing the requirements for the import of flour on time and without delay.

The General Establishment will continue to work on the transfer of wheat from the country’s eastern region to the southern region and Damascus, while negotiating with foreign companies to exchange Syrian durum wheat with bread wheat at the best prices. The General Establishment will also continue to pursue a response from Russia regarding a wheat import deal to Syria as it resumes the importation of flour from Iran.

The Syrian government had previously requested HOBOOB adopt the necessary measures to increase available flour and wheat stocks, chiefly in the southern region, with the General Establishment signing a contract for the exchange of 100,000 tons of durum wheat with 100 tons of imported bread wheat with an Italian producer. The Italian company has agreed to bear transportation costs, which will be conducted by the General Establishment in coordination with three private transport companies at a rate of 70 trucks a day (40 tons per truck).

One of the companies is currently transporting wheat from Hassakeh province to Syria’s southern region, while more than 200 trucks are ready to leave for Qamishli en route to Damascus and Tartous.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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