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State Security Services Arrest Dozens in Douma for Forced Military Recruitment

State Security launched an arrest campaign in Douma, rounding up over 40 people, some who are wanted for mandatory and backup military service writes Sowt Al-Asima.
State Security Services Arrest Dozens in Douma for Forced Military Recruitment

At the beginning of this week, State Security Branch patrol carried out an arrest campaign, taking more than 40 young people from the city of Douma in Eastern Ghouta.

Sowt al-Asima’s sources said that patrols belonging to the Douma City Police Department participated in the arrests, noting that the latter targeted a number of those wanted for security reasons, as well as others who avoided joining the regime’s army to perform mandatory and backup military service.

The sources added that the arrests focused on the main neighborhoods of Corniche, al-Quwatly, Old Aleppo, and Khurshid.

According to the sources, the patrols transferred all the detainees to the building of the State Security Branch in Douma, so that those who avoided military service in the past could be handed over to the military police and be forcibly recruited.

Patrols consisting of four types of vans set up temporary checkpoints on the main Khurshid and al-Quwatly streets in the city during a series of arrests launched in late June, during which they arrested 15 young men from the city who failed to perform compulsory and backup military service, one day after the regime intelligence entered more than 40 homes in the neighborhoods of al-Hijaria and Abdul Ra’ouf in Douma and arrested approximately 30 young people.


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