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SNHR Report Details Horror of ISIS Torture Techniques

ISIS arrested and tortured up to 4,100 detainees in Syria, human rights groups reports
SNHR Report Details Horror of ISIS Torture Techniques

Every so often, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) releases video footage depicting how the organization deals with prisoners accused of collaboration with the regime, apostasy or other charges. The group has become renowned for its methods of torture and execution, described by a number of human rights groups as "brutal" and “medieval”.

According to reports by the Syrian Network for Human Rights, ISIS has arrested and tortured at least 4,100 people inside Syria: mostly Sunnis, Alawites, Christians and Kurds.

In a report released yesterday, the SNHR described the most prominent psychological and physical methods of torture practiced by ISIS against its detainees, noting that methods used by ISIS are similar to those followed in regime's prisons.

One such method detailed in the report involves simulated drowning or waterboarding of detainees, a method made famous by the CIA in the interrogation of terror suspects after 9/11.

A second significant method outlined in the report is the choking of prisoners with gas, either by opening a gas cylinder, throwing a tear gas canister or allowing smoke into the cell.

Furthermore, detainees were also subjected to "the illusion of slaughter", where prisoners were taken to a place of execution and threatened with a knife to their neck.

Shooting around the detainee's body, and force prisoners to watch videos and recordings of executions, beheadings and the burning of former detainees were among other methods used to intimidate victims.

The SNHR reported that "ISIS has used several forms of torture under the pretext of applying the provisions of Islamic law, such as stoning or throwing from a high place".

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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