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Signs of Normal Life Return to Hassakeh’s Neighborhoods

Residents gradually ease back into daily routines after thousands of families displaced by fighting in the area
Signs of Normal Life Return to Hassakeh’s Neighborhoods

Neighborhoods in Hassakeh city are witnessing a gradual return to normal life as markets regain activity, locals return to their homes, and state institutes resume work.

Aziz Duwali, a resident of Al-Qudat neighborhood, said the security situation in the city had improved drastically, proving that the barbaric campaign waged by ISIS on the province had failed.

Pharmacist Khaled al-Taha said that pharmacies are staying open until late hours, while grocer Thamer al-Ali said: “we are bound by duty to not leave the city and help provide the people’s daily needs”,

SANA’s correspondent reported all state departments have resumed their work, particularly in the city center and secure neighborhoods, while departments closer to the conflict have been provided with alternative premises to temporarily operate from.

The province’s Social Affairs Directorate estimated a total of 14,000 families from Hassakeh had been displaced by terrorist activities, adding that 10,000 of which have been registered with the authorities, and that efforts to provide aid were underway in coordination with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent and other humanitarian organizations, such as UNICEF.

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