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Shabeeha Target Wealthy Regime Supporters in Suweida

The fate of wealthy pro-regime businessman remains unknown
Shabeeha Target Wealthy Regime Supporters in Suweida

Residents of Shahba city in Suweida describe Sultan Amer as a wealthy man and the owner of the most luxurious and modern palaces in the city, where two massive pictures of Hafez al-Assad and his son Bashar hang on the main entrance.


Recently, the pro-regime Syrian businessman and the owner of a trading company in the United Arab Emirates, Sultan Amer decided to return to Syria. As he did, the security agents at Damascus International Airport arrested him for an hour under the pretext of checking his identity papers. Later he was released and he left the airport with his brother-in-law, Ibrahim Sallam, who was to receive him at the airport, only to find a security car, without license plates, waiting for them. Two men got out from the car and then re-arrested Amer. When his brother-in-law asked about the reason for the arrest, he was told: "Do not interfere, it is a security issue, ask about him in Kafar Souseh security branch".


Sources told Siraj Press that several days later, Sultan called his sister in Suweida, asking her to send her husband with seven million Syrian Pounds to Damascus. Sallam communicated with the kidnappers to agree on the place and time of the meeting through an agent named Ibrahim Hassan Abboud, who claimed to be from Jaramana security branch.


Sallam went to Damascus to meet the kidnappers, but before he was given any information about his brother, he found himself then handcuffed, blindfolded, and thrown on the side of the road in Damascus. He was robbed of his money, including the ransom money and the car he was traveling with.


The fate of the pro-regime businessman Sultan Amer is still unknown and there is no information available about him. His relatives accuse the shabeeha and the National Defense Forces in Jaramana city who control the road to the airport, and the region where the negotiations to release Sultan were held, for his arrest.


This incident is not the first of its kind; it was preceded by the abduction of the child Nasser Jmmoul, and several rumors were broadcast by the regime in Suweida and Jaramana to create terror in an environment where Assad's name fades day after day.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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