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School Students Killed Bab Sharqi Terror Attack Buried

The students were killed in an attack on their school bus on Monday
School Students Killed Bab Sharqi Terror Attack Buried

The bodies of students martyred on Monday in a terrorist mortar attack that targeted their school bus in the area of Bab Sharqi in Damascus were laid to rest on Tuesday.


The students, Venesia Maikho, Majd Shihada, Huvanious Akovian and Munir Sahhoum, in addition to the bus' driver, Rafeed Khouri, were killed in front of the al-Risala school.


Relatives of those killed stressed their determination that terrorist acts will not dissuade them from encouraging their children to continue their studies, expressing their faith in the ability of the Syrian people to overcome the current crisis through adherence to national unity.


They said that the blood of Syria's martyrs will make the homeland immune to all challenges, calling on the Syrians who were misled and became involved in the events to understand that Al-Saud is encouraging Zionist schemes by providing support to the armed terrorist groups.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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