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Rockets Fall on Damascus

No casualties reported as rockets injure one civilian and damage property in regime-held areas of Damascus
Rockets Fall on Damascus

Rockets have struck regime-held areas in Damascus, injuring a civilian and causing damage to property.

Pro-regime media sources claimed the rockets targeted Mezzeh 86, Mezzeh Jabal and Mezzeh Vellat, damaging public facilities and buildings.

A civilian was also injured when three other rockets fell near the Umayyad Square, considered to be a “security zone".

The attack comes weeks after Army of Islam commandeer Zahran Alloush warned of shelling regime-held areas in Damascus, in response to the daily massacres committed by the regime's army and air forces against civilians in eastern Ghouta.

The Army of Islam has responded to the massacres of Ghouta’s civilians by shelling regime-held areas, namely in its security centers. Some activists have condemned Alloush’s response, stressing that it also caused the martyrdom and injury of many civilians.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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