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Representatives of NGOs: We Will Elect to the People’s Assembly Those Who Support the Development of NGOs and Institutions

Parliamentary Elections are scheduled for the 15th of this month, SANA writes.
Representatives of NGOs: We Will Elect to the People’s Assembly Those Who Support the Development of NGOs and Institutions

Several representatives from non-governmental organizations have confirmed that participating in the upcoming elections for the People’s Assembly members, scheduled for the 15th of this month, is an opportunity to choose candidates who can best represent citizens’ voices and needs, address their issues, and support charitable and development work. In statements to SANA, Rami al-Halabi, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation (Souria Btjmaana), emphasized the importance of active participation in the electoral process and selecting competent individuals capable of assuming responsibility. This, he noted, contributes to nation-building and ensuring that deserving candidates, who can credibly and honestly address citizens’ concerns, are elected.

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Halabi highlighted that the Foundation’s participation in the elections aims to promote and further activate civil work, develop it to better serve the community, and overcome obstacles facing this sector. Similarly, Kholoud Rajab, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Association (Juzoor), explained that participating in the elections is a national duty and constitutional entitlement requiring everyone’s involvement. She emphasized the importance of popular participation in decision-making to advance the country and the necessity of choosing candidates with appropriate electoral programs that align with citizens’ aspirations amid the current circumstances.

Rajab also noted that once elected, members must protect individual rights, develop legislation and mechanisms to enhance the work of non-governmental organizations, and address the challenges they face. This commitment, she said, is crucial to achieving societal goals and meeting the emerging needs identified by organizations based on their work on the ground. Ola Abdel Allah, a member of the Board of Trustees of the Salam Foundation, underscored the importance of selecting candidates who can effectively convey people’s concerns and possess relevant skills in political and community work.

Abdullah also stressed the need to elect candidates who can facilitate the adoption of laws that support the work of non-governmental organizations and provide social protection for vulnerable groups, including women breadwinners, orphans, persons with disabilities, and others who benefit from NGO programs at various humanitarian, relief, and development levels.


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