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Regime Severs Terrorist Supply Lines in Daraa

General Command confirms full control over areas in Daraa, cutting off terrorist supply lines
Regime Severs Terrorist Supply Lines in Daraa

The Syrian Armed Forces General Command said that army units established full control over the towns of Msaika al-Sharqia, Msaika al-Gharbia, al-Khawabi, Ashnan and al-Dallafa on Monday morning, cordoning off the towns of Mlaihet al-Atash and Busr al-Harir in the countryside of Daraa province as part of a special operation which resulted in a large number of terrorist deaths.

In a statement, the General Command said the achievement clears and secures the vital route between Daraa and Suweida province, and at the same time cuts off terrorist supply lines as it closes the crossing point of al-Lajjat. Terrorists had been using al-Lajjat to smuggle mercenaries, weapons, and ammunition from Jordan to the Badiye desert and to the eastern Ghouta district in Damascus’ countryside.

The General Command claims the success is a severe blow to terrorist organizations and will pave the way towards eliminating terrorist hotspots in the area, vowing to continue pursuing terrorists across Syria until they are eliminated.

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