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Regime Mourns Major General Killed in Aleppo

Assad regime loses second top army commander on Sunday while undertaking 'national duty' in Aleppo
Regime Mourns Major General Killed in Aleppo

Major General Younes Ali Ibrahim, a senior regime army commander and Deputy Chairman of Aleppo’s Security Committee, was killed while undertaking his “national duty" in Aleppo on Sunday, according to state-run media.

Another top army commander was also killed on Sunday when an explosive device was detonated near his car in the Damascus neighborhood of Diwaniyah. The Ahrar al-Sham Islamic movement has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Ahrar al-Sham said Brigadier General Bassam Mehanna al-Ali and seven fellow soldiers were killed on Sunday morning by an explosive device that targeted their cars.

Ali was one of the Syrian army’s masterminds who developed plans and tactics for regime forces during in the country’s four-year conflict.

Both officers were born in town near the coastal city Tartous.

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