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Regime Launches Flag Campaign for Geneva II

The strategy appears to show support for Assad ahead of talks
Regime Launches Flag Campaign for Geneva II

The Syrian regime continues to use force in areas under their control to compel people to show their support for Bashar Assad.


Meanwhile, in areas outside of regime control continue being bombarded with explosive barrels.


One of regime's more recent tyrannical methods is to force shop owners in Damascus to paint their doors with the regime flag.


The strategy appears to be part of a campaign in preparation for the Geneva II conference, with the intention of showing that  the people of Damascus have spontaneously expressed their support for Assad.


In fact, the strategy only serves to anger people, already frustrated with difficult living and security conditions.


Abu Tawfiq, who owns a clothing store in Bab Touma said that the order came from Air Force Intelligence, who tour the shopping areas telling people to paint their doors.


"The Shabbiha paint the shops of those who refuse the order during the night and then demand 1,500 Syrian Pounds from them in the morning," Abu Tawfiq said.


Ramez, who owns a shop in Shaalan said he found the strategy strange and questioned the benefit it gave the regime at the Geneva conference.


"Everybody knows that everything that happens in regime-controlled areas is for a purpose, that there is nothing spontaneous about it. These procedures are completely useless,” Ramez said.


An opposition activist said that this campaign started few days ago and is being carried out by security forces who oblige the merchants to paint their shop doors with the flag.


"The regime tries to create this consensual phenomena to reflect the people's support, but it is fake," the activist said.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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