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Regime Agrees to Break the Siege on Homs

Sources say regime delegates defiant public image at Geneva differs to its behavior inside close talks
Regime Agrees to Break the Siege on Homs

Sources have told the media office of the General Commission of Syrian Revolution in Geneva that the negotiators agreed on allowing 30 tons of humanitarian aid to Homs Monday.


Meanwhile, Syrian National Coalition delegation will deliver a list with the names of 5,500 detainees to international envoy Lakhdar Brahimi Monday and that the regime has agreed to release them, the source said.


The regime delegation provoked the international envoy when the most senior delgation officials skipped the first day of direct negotiations.


The regime sent its second level negotiators, meaning all but Syria's Bashar Jaafari, who headed the delegation, appeared on the first day of Geneva conference.


Both delegations met in one hall, but did not address each other directly. Brahimi was addressed by each delegation to report its demands to the other.


Brahimi delayed discussions related to Assad's political future and the formation of the transitional governing body to Sunday.


The source confirmed that regime's delegation behavior differs from the definat image it presents to the media. Inside closed meetings, it has agreed to all the terms of Geneva I, the sources said.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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